Yes, summer is officially over. Gone are the picnics, trips to the beach, and the great weather. The onset of fall means not just colder temperatures, but it will also get wetter and messier. Falling leaves, mud, etc. and even snow before winter can make a huge mess in your apartment. You can prepare your apartment with the right gear to keep your place clean and dirt-free. Here are the best items to get right now so that you can continue to enjoy your living quarters without tracking in all the nasty stuff outside. Our recommendations are highly rated and also quite affordable.


Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Door Mat

waterhog door mat

Sometimes not any old doormat will do, especially when you're tracking in tons of water and snow. You need a floor mat that's absorbent, protective, and soft. Speaking of absorbent, it can hold 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. The Waterhog can be used indoors or out, and it's commercial grade so you know it's tough. It can be placed on tile, hardwood, marble, carpet, concrete, tile, and laminate flooring without damaging it. It's also skid-resistant, quick-drying, and made from up to 94% recycled materials. Even the rubber backing is made with 20% recycled rubber.  Cleaning is a cinch because it can be hosed off easily. The Waterhog comes in four different sizes and five colors. Prices start at $43.



Anji Mountain Black Rubber Boot Tray

When it gets messy outside, it's smart to get a couple of boot trays. Not only do they protect your floors, but they can also look good. But not just any old plastic number will do. This black heavy-duty rubber boot tray uses a coir insert (made from coconut husks) that's absorbent and dries quickly. Plus, you can choose from numerous patterns that work for your decor. It keeps your boots and shoes clean and helps them to dry far quicker than if they were just sitting on plastic. The sizes range from two pairs to four, so you can find the one that fits your needs. Prices start at $45, and you can even upgrade to a metal base. 



Workshop Wet/Dry 2.5-Gallon Shop Vacuum

While a wet/dry vac might not be a piece of apartment decor, having one at the ready will certainly make everything look better. You won't have room for a full-sized one in your apartment, nor will you want to get one that's too bulky to pull out quickly, anyway. So, it's smart to get a truly portable one that can fit inside a hall closet. This 2.5-gallon shop vac has a carry handle, a 10-foot power cord, 4-foot hose, and on board attachments that make it truly portable. There's even an integrated blowing port in case you want to clear off your balcony quickly. Perhaps most important is its manageable 15 x 12 x 15.15 inch dimensions that won't overtake your precious apartment space. All this for less than $60. 



HEVOL Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

Say goodbye to crappy old-school mops. The new breed is here, and it's superb. This HEVOL flat floor microfiber mop is perfect for apartments due to its slender head and matching bucket that has its own drying chamber to keep dirty water separate from clean water. It's also capacious at 3.7-liters (nearly a full gallon). The mop itself can be rotated 360-degrees and folds flat against the handle. You can get under furniture thanks to its articulating head. The mop comes with 10 replaceable (and washable) microfiber heads, so you can clean all fall and winter without worry. The bucket top comes off for easy washing, too. You get everything for less than $40.