Sometimes a desk is a bit of an afterthought when it comes to furnishing your apartment. Bed, sofa, armchair, coffee table, bookshelves, etc. all seem to take precedence over desks. But if you think about it, aside from your bed, you might just spend the most time at your desk.

Working, studying, scheduling, online shopping, paying bills... all of this work requires a great work surface. The problem lies in the amount of usable space you have. You can't exactly get a massive desk to take up half of the space in a room, especially if it's a bedroom. Here are five of the best compact desks for your apartment that you can buy on Amazon, and they're all very affordable. 

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Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch

Make the most of space with this vertical setup that incorporates both a desk and a bookshelf. It also includes an upper hutch that can hold photo frames, plants, office supplies, etc. The desk measures 47x24 inches, so there's plenty of space without being enormous. There's enough room for two computer monitors, which means extra productivity. The lower bookshelf holds a ton of books or whatever else you need in order to be productive. It's made with strong metal in the frame and legs and wear-resistant particle wood that's made to look like the real thing. For $176, it should make your apartment look even better thanks to a modern and minimalist aesthetic.


Homieasy Small L Shaped Computer Desk

Sometimes a good corner desk is just what you need to maximize space. This L-shaped desk provides two working surfaces: a main work surface and a smaller one atop two lower shelves. It's made from premium powder-coated steel and tough MDF board that's both scratch-resistant and waterproof. There's plenty of room for two monitors, and you can keep your books and supplies tucked away so they keep a clean surface. The shelving portion can even be moved to the other side of the desk in order to accommodate your space. All this for a mere $100.



Cubiker 32-Inch Computer Desk 

A basic desk can still look great. In the case of the Cubiker 32-Inch computer desk has a small footprint (you can choose between 32, 40, 47, 55, and 63-inch models. The smallest one still has plenty of surface area and strong construction that can take the weight of a full-sized computer monitor with ease. Made with steel and melamine-faced board, it's both strong and handsome. It even comes with a diagonal brace for extra strength. The included woven side pocket is big enough to house books and a laptop. The very approachable $60 price tag makes it even more attractive.



YUSING Wall Mounted Fold Out Convertible Desk

If space is a serious premium in your apartment, then this wall-mounted computer desk is perfect and pretty slick, too. It folds down and gets supported by a strong flat panel that seconds as a cabinet surface. It opens up to multiple storage compartments and then folds back up and out of the way. The two shelves are also adjustable, as well. Smooth hinges provide easy and safe deployment. For $130, you get one of the most space-saving desks made today. 



SMUG 40x24-Inch Electric Standing Desk

A good standing desk is a great way to be healthy, especially if you spend a lot of time studying or working from the confines of your apartment. This ergonomic electric standing desk moves between 28.7'' and 48'' via a strong and smooth motor that operates at a quiet 55dB. Use the LED display and 3 memory presets to make adjustments and retain them. The steel frame can hold 176 pounds, and there are convenient hooks for headphones, etc., as well as collecting holes on the desktop for cords. The eco-friendly wood is resilient and very easy to clean. Get a great standing desk that you'll use all day long for a mere $130.