Moving supplies are a necessity for your big move day, but most people don’t plan very well when it comes to getting what they need well in advance. You don’t want to be left in the lurch without the supplies you need and all the stores are closed because you didn’t plan well. Heck, even if everything is open, you also don’t want to have to stop what you’re doing so you can buy more supplies. You also need to know exactly what to get, not just how much of it you’ll need. Here are the most important moving supplies you’ll need. 

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Rolls of Packing Tape and a Tape Gun

Good packing tape is a must, and you should look for high-quality tape that will stick and stay during hot, cold, or inclement weather. If you get the cheap stuff, your moving boxes could come apart when you least expect them to, and you don’t want to deal with that. If you’re buying online, make sure the tape gets good reviews. Gorilla and Scotch brands make the best packing tape, although they tend to be on the expensive side. Also, make sure you get a good tape gun, not those U.S. Postal Service versions without a handle. Most online retailers will sell you kits that include multiple rolls of tape and the gun together, and you can save money. Here's a great set that comes with everything you need for less than $27. 




Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can gather what boxes you have in your apartment to conduct this move. The likelihood that you have enough is slim to none, and they’re probably not strong enough to manage the weight of some of your precious items. You can seek out your neighbors for moving boxes, or you can post an online request on sites like Facebook, Freecycle, OfferUp, or Craigslist. Just don’t try to use cheap, old boxes that will likely break apart when you move. Strong cardboard boxes are vital to a safe and seamless move. If you ‘re willing to pay for them, just go to the nearest office supply store or to your local U-Haul truck rental site. You can get them online, too. Here's a set that might actually cover most of your needs, and it's less than $42.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap might seem like a luxury (because it isn’t cheap), but when it comes to your fine china, wine glasses, and porcelain figurines, there’s nothing better. You might want to save money, but at the end of the day, you’ll save money by protecting your fragile items. Even towels and old shirts don’t do a very good job because they don’t stay in place and don’t tape well. Get some good bubble wrap online where you can typically get a volume discount. Don’t use it for non-fragile items, and you can save yourself some money. Also, look online for the most effective way to use bubble wrap when packing your items. Here's a roll of 175 feet worth that costs $27.


A Strong Dolly

You might think you’re strong enough to carry all of your boxes, but you’d be surprised how difficult things can get when you’re spending hours moving. A good wheeled dolly can make the day go faster, and you’ll end up saving your back in the long run. There’s nothing worse than having to carry one box at a time in the heat or the cold, and a dolly will allow you to carry at least a couple of large boxes at the same time. We’re not suggesting you buy a brand-new one (unless you really want to keep it). You can rent a dolly, borrow one from a neighbor, or find a used one online.  Of course, you can buy a new one, and here's a solid choice for $76.



Moving Blankets

Your larger furniture items can easily get dinged up or badly damaged in a move when things are sliding around during transport. Sure, most of your things are packed well, but the items you can’t box need protection. Headboards, tables, armoires, glass tabletops, etc. could all use padding, and dedicated moving blankets are your best option. They’re typically thicker to manage moves, and they’re sold in bulk so you can get plenty of them for move day. When you’re done with them, they’ll come in handy for storage. Here's a pack of four you can buy now for less than $30.