Houseplants make a big difference in changing the atmosphere of your apartment, both literally and figuratively. They provide fresh oxygen and improve air quality, they reduce stress, and they make your place look more welcoming and comforting. They also happen to improve your sense of well-being because they're living things, and they respond to proper care. You don't have to have a green thumb to make them thrive, as long as you follow care instructions. There are also easier ways than going to Home Depot to get plants that you'll probably kill (on accident). Here are the three best online plant companies that will send them to your door and provide the best care instructions and equipment. 


The notion of a self-watering houseplant is brilliant, and we're wondering why we didn't think of it ourselves. That's half the problem is remembering to water them, and then we end up overwatering because we're so paranoid that they're going to die on us. Easyplant's self-watering planters allow you to refill the planter once a month, and your plant will take in the water as needed from the reservoir base. You won't need to water every week or every two weeks, and you can also choose the plant size based on your apartment. They range from small plants that will fit on a shelf to large plants for your floor.  Prices range from $49 for a single small plant all the way up to a few hundred bucks for a collection of different plants and sizes to outfit your apartment. The best part is the self-watering feature, but we really love the free shipping. 



There's no fancy self-watering deal here, but Bloomscape's appeal is their wide variety of houseplants and categories like "pet-friendly", "low-light", and "low-maintenance" which help you make the right selection for your apartment. What's more, they provide all the tools you need for proper care, including potting soil, fertilizer, gloves, watering cans, pest control sprays, etc. Pricing is very reasonable, and they'll help you pick plants when you don't know a thing about them. They also have a huge library of care tips to help you make your plants thrive. They won't leave you in the lurch without the right plant knowledge, and soon enough you'll have a bevy of healthy plants in your apartment. Prices for plants range from $49 for small plants up to $249 for giant floor plants. 


The Sill

The Sill is great because it not only delivers your plants to your apartment, but it also has an online quiz to help you choose the best plant for you and your living situation. If that's not the route you want to go, and you just want to buy, simply choose from categories like "low-maintenance", "pet-friendly", "flowering plants", and even "for beginners". You can also buy faux plants if taking care of them is just way too much work for you. The faux plants look like the real thing, and your guests won't be able to tell the difference. Just know that they won't pump any fresh oxygen into your living space, so you gotta sacrifice something for not having to water them. You can even buy preserved "living walls" that are made of moss and ferns that have been preserved and need no watering. How cool is that? Price range from $30 all the way to over $900 (for the huge living wall).