You work long days, and you come home wiped out. When it comes time to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, your apartment neighbors might not comply with your desire for some semblance of silence. This also translates to poor sleep quality, and that doesn't bode well for you if you're going to be rested, happy, and productive.

You might not be able to get your neighbors to quiet down, but you can get yourself an electronic remedy known as a white noise machine. Sure, you can use an app on your phone, but your smartphone speaker quality is limited. A good white noise machine can fill a room with sound waves that will cancel out many extraneous noises. White noise machines can help by providing steady, continuous noise that helps mitigate things like talking, sirens, music, etc. Here are our recommendations for the five best you can buy on Amazon right now.

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Magicteam Sound Machines White Noise Machine




This black beauty is subtle, attractive, and truly functional with 20 non-looping sounds including white noise, brown noise (, pink noise, blue noise, fan, brook, rain, ocean, bird and even a crackling bonfire. It also boasts 32 volume levels, a timer, or continuous play. Everything is adjustable so you can find the right levels for your ideal environment for waking or sleeping hours. It also has a memory function to preserve your most recent settings, and you can power it via wall charger or USB. It also measures at a very manageable 6.3 x 4 x 2.4 inches, so it will fit on almost any surface, and it costs just $22. 



BUFFBEE White Noise Sound Machine 

Okay, so it looks a lot like a 2nd-generation Amazon Echo, but that's not a bad thing. Covered in attractive grey fabric, it's aesthetically handsome anywhere you put it. The Buffbee puts out 17 high-quality soothing sounds including white noise,  fan sounds, and nature sounds like ocean waves, heartbeat, birds, summer night, rain, and thunderstorm, just to name a few. The illuminated controls and top LED ring act as nightlights, and you can choose between 7 different colors and also adjust the brightness level. There are also 15 volume levels, a timer, and a memory function. It's also very affordable at just $27. Just don't say "Alexa" to it because it won't respond back. 



Pursay Sound Machine

The Pursay might look like a Wi-Fi router, but it's actually a capable white noise machine that provides 21 sounds and also works well as a nursery or nightlight. There are  5 white noise sounds, 5 fan sounds, 11 natural sounds, and even an auto-off timer that can be set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes. The Pursay white noise machine uses 5 white noise sounds that match the frequency levels of the human voice, so you can effectively drown out the chatter from your neighbors.  It's extremely portable thanks to its compact size and USB-C charging capability, too, and it only costs $30.  



Momcozy White Noise Machine

This white noise machine is perfect for baby and little kids' rooms because of its 8 lullaby sounds, in addition to the 11 white noises, 3 fan sounds, and 12 nature sounds. The multi-color LED ambient light can be adjusted for color and brightness, and everything is controllable via the smartphone app that will connect via Wi-Fi. You can also program the sound machine and nightlight for ultimate customization, including a timer and automatic on/off. It's just the kind of white noise machine and nightlight that will have your kid sleeping, well, like a baby.



Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, and Sunrise Alarm Clock

While the Hatch Restore might be the priciest choice here, it does so much. Not only is it a white noise machine, but it's also a clock, alarm clock, sunrise clock, and nightlight. You can choose from a hug library of sounds, and combine it with soft or bright lights, and even meditational sounds that will have you calm (if not unconscious) in no time. There's even a reading light function that's soft glow and doesn't emit blue light that will keep you restless. The sunrise clock works to support healthy cortisol levels by gradually brightening based on your alarm settings. You can also use the smartphone app for programming and also subscribe to the in-app Hatch Sleep Membership after your free trial ends. It's a subscription that gives you unlimited access to more sounds, stories, etc. to add versatility to the Hatch Restore.