When it comes to decorating your apartment, you can't do much better than an area rug, especially if you have hardwood floors. A nice rug can add refinement, comfort, sound insulation, and warmth to your apartment.  But there are problems associated with them, namely the cost. If you want to get a decently-sized rug, it could cost you a couple of thousand dollars if you want something truly opulent. You could save some money and get a more affordable rug, but it could be a pain to move due to the weight. Have you ever considered getting a washable rug? Yes, there is such a thing, and they're better than ever. 

Why Do You Need a Washable Rug?


If you have kids, pets, or just plain your own clumsy self, you know a washable rug would add major convenience to your life. How many times have you spilled something on the floor? Food, wine, etc. lands on your floor more times than you'd like to admit, no matter how much you like to tell yourself that you're pretty coordinated. If you have a regular wool rug, you know how hard it is to clean up spills. You have to jump on that rug cleaner faster than you can say "oops!" and try to rub that stain out post-haste. Due to everyday life, it's obvious that a washable rug would make a tremendous difference in your rug's longevity and your sanity. Isn't it time to consider one? 


What is a Washable Area Rug?


Washable rugs use somewhat different materials than standard wool rugs that have to be cleaned very carefully and professionally. Brands like Ruggable (photo credit above) are growing in popularity because of their tremendous practicality. They tend to use synthetic fibers like microfiber that doesn't shed and can easily be tossed in the washing machine and even thrown in the dryer. Wool can also shed, pill, and get damaged in the washing machine. You're really not supposed to even get them wet, so there's that issue, too. Plus, you have to pay a lot of money to get them professionally cleaned, and it should be done every year. Washable rugs can be throw into your washing machine, and they dry very quickly just like regular microfiber towels. 


How Good Do They Look?

Washable rugs look fantastic, and they have a wide array of patterns and colors. You can get them in traditional oriental styles, solid colors, modern designs, and various sizes and thicknesses. In fact, the range of choices is so big, you can find a washable rug for just about any place in your house. Living room, bedroom, play room, hallway, and even your kitchen. The great thing about them is that they're getting really popular. Even if you want a plush washable rug that has long fibers, you can find one.