No doubt it's starting to feel like fall for most of the country right now, but it's still hard to imagine that old man winter will be putting a hurting on us in a couple of months. If you recall last winter, things were pretty rough and you slogged through the coldest of the season with a grimace on your face. Maybe your apartment doesn't have great heat, so you ended up wearing a lot of layers, slippers, and blankets.

You considered buying a space heater, but you were concerned about safety.  The National Fire Protection Association reported that about 81% of fatal home fires were the result of space heaters. But that doesn't mean safer options don't exist. Modern space heaters have safety features and automatic temperature controls to minimize the risk of fire. Here are five ones you should consider for your apartment. 

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The Air Store Wall-Mounted 1500W Space Heater

wall space hater

This thin space heater can be wall mounted or free-standing, making it ideal for smaller spaces. It also works really well in bathrooms where things are tight. 1500W of power can over a 160 square-foot room, and the turbofan moves large volumes of heat as opposed to just radiant heaters. The thermostat can be programmed and timed, as well as having an eco/energy-saver mode to reduce consumption. While it doesn't have an anti-tip function, the wall-mounting option is the best way to minimize the risk of fire. It also has an overheat protection function that keeps your family safe. The included remote control lets you adjust things without having to get up from that cozy spot on the sofa.



F.EASY.D Space Heater


If you think space heaters have to look functional rather than stylish, you haven't seen the F.EASY.D. Not only does it churn out 1000W on high, but it also looks stylish enough to be a conversation piece. Some might mistake it as a space communicator born out of the Art Deco era. It has overheating protection, automatic auto-tip shutoff, and three heat modes, as well as 1-3 hours of timing function with an automatic 6 hour shutoff. Its compact size means it takes up very little space and can even be placed on a desk. The 45dB noise level means it's quiet enough to use when you sleep. 



Essuntial Folding Desk Heater


folding heater

This is a unique take on the space heater. Not only is it foldable, but it also doesn't have exposed heating elements that can burn or cause a fire. It's meant to go under a desk or just at your feet in front of the sofa. It heats up to 160 degrees, so the risk of fire is incredibly low. There's no fan and the power is low, and it also comes with auto shut-off if it's tipped over. This one is very safe for kids, as well as pets. The foldable heater has a digital thermostat with eight power levels, and it's also programmable with a built-in timer. 



Vornadobaby Sensa Space Heater


This space heater is small but mighty, and it's ideal for small kids or baby rooms because it has a cool-touch exterior, a tip-over protection feature, and an automatic shutoff function. You can monitor and control the temperature with the Cribside sensor, and the Sensa can even adjust the heat output and airflow. The timer can be adjusted between 2 and 12 hours, so even if the heat isn't working in the apartment, you can rest-assured that this will keep your kids warm. The wide base discourages tipping, and the entire housing lacks pinch points so little ones won't get their fingers hurt. 



Honeywell HHF370B 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater

honeywell heater

We own this one ourselves, and it's superb. Not only is it really small and takes up hardly any space, but it's also light for easy transition from room to room. There's a low-setting that reduces electrical consumption but still delivers ample amounts of heat. The thermostat allows it to shut off when the room reaches the desired temperature, and it has overheat protection, a tip-over auto shut-off, and a convenient cool touch handle. For around $50, you can have one of the best space heaters around.