As much as you love your new apartment, you still might want to make things a bit nicer inside. But you don't want to risk being liable for making changes you're not supposed to, especially changes that are hard to undo. You shouldn't give up, though, because making some small decor and space changes could totally transform your living space and make it easier to use, as well as more personal. Think about how you want your apartment to look and evaluate your options and budget. before you embark on any changes. Here are our top five recommendations for style upgrades for your apartment.


Paint the Walls

painting walls

A little bit of color can go a very long way, but you have to check with your landlord on this one, for sure. Talk to him or her and let them know you're going to have the room or rooms repainted to their original color before you move out. Once you get that approval (in writing), you can choose the color you want. We'd recommend lighter colors so as not to make your rooms look smaller, but be creative while also making sure the color goes well with the rest of your place. Make sure to watch painting videos on how best to perform the work. No need to hire someone since the work can be done by anyone, as long as you're careful. Just make sure you get yourself the right paint and the right gear. Here's a full kit for less than $20.



Get a Couple of Area Rugs

area rug

If you have wood floors or low carpeting in your apartment, you should absolutely consider getting some area rugs. What they, effectively, do is create layers in your place and actually make it look more refined, along with providing more comfort when walking. While you don't have to get something truly expensive, you should choose one that's large enough for the room and get something that's durable and easy to care for. Some rugs are actually washable, which prevents you from having to spend a lot to clean it. Watch your room instantly change as soon as you put one down. We especially love this one that cleans up easily and costs a mere $75. 



Get a Modern Room Divider

room divider

You can create the illusion of space, as well as create privacy by purchasing a modern room divider. Old school wood or rattan versions make your place look more like a hippie boudoir than a welcoming apartment. Modern ones like this one use more contemporary materials and add an atmosphere of lightness while allowing light to go through and blend in with your apartment's environment. Plus, you can provide the illusion of a totally separate room or split an existing room into two spaces. For instance, if you have a desk in your living room, you can put the divider between it and your sofa. You'll be surprised how much creativity you have.



Get New Kitchen and Bathroom Knobs and Handles


You might not be able to change our your apartment's cabinets, but you can totally change the look by swapping out the knobs and handles in your kitchen and bathroom. It doesn't even have to cost very much, and all you really need is a screwdriver and an hour or so to make the change. Be sure you measure first (especially for handles), and also buy one to see how it looks before you commit to a whole set. We love this set largely because it's inexpensive and can easily work on most cabinets. Just make sure you save the old ones so you can put them back before you move out.



Hang Good Artwork

You can totally change the look of your place with great artwork. But don't just tape some posters to the wall. You've got to add some dimension and quality with real framed artwork. You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to do so, and a little bit will go a long way. Think about how the art you choose goes with the rest of your place so things look cohesive. Also, make sure the artwork means something to you. If you love vintage cars, horses, abstract art, or travel, choose something accordingly. Here's a great travel poster that costs just $14.