We realize that summer isn't even over, but there's no better time to prepare your apartment for colder weather than now. In fact, properly insulating your apartment is a smart thing to do for energy conservation year-round, and it doesn't actually have to cost you very much. You're probably allowing a lot of inefficiencies to occur within your apartment by accepting things the way they are. Especially if your apartment building is older, you'll find that things can get drafty, and you have to crank up the heat during winter just to be comfortable.


So, what are some quick remedies you can make before temperatures drop below zero, and you're scrambling to find last-minute solutions? If you want to remind yourself how bad it was last year, just take a look at your heating and electric bills from the winter, and you'll realize how much money you wasted (and you weren't even very warm). Here are four easy ways to insulate your apartment before things get truly chilly. 


Install Door and Window Draft Stoppers

window draft

Don't assume that your windows and doors seal in the heat and keep out the cold. Keeping a tight seal on them is one of the best ways to keep your place warm and cozy, and it just takes a little bit of your time to install draft stoppers. You can buy self-adhesive rolls to put around your windows and doors, and it costs hardly anything. They're also easy to remove if need be, so it's nothing permanent. Typically, they're made of foam and allow windows and doors to close without a problem. You'll typically get instant savings if you do this throughout your apartment.



Get Some Area Rugs


If your apartment has hardwood floors and very little to no carpeting, the floor can get very cold during the winter. Large area rugs can also help insulate the space better, although it's not a huge contributor to increased energy efficiency. You don't have to go so far as to try to persuade your landlord to carpet your place (that won't work), but you can buy rugs for some of the rooms in your house. Keep in mind that thin rugs don't do as good of a job, and it's also smart to install a rug pad underneath. Ruggable makes washable ones with great designs. 



Install Thermal Curtains


Yes, there is such a thing. You might like your thin, wispy curtains, but those only look good without performing any real function other than keeping out minimal amounts of sunlight. Thermal curtains will help retain heat in the home, and they also tend to be very good at preventing some draftiness. You also don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them since many versions are available on Amazon for less than custom window dressings. you can choose your length, color, and material, and they're very easy to install.



Clean Your Ceiling Fan and Reverse It

ceiling fan

You might not think about using your apartment's ceiling fan during the winter, but it's actually one of the easiest ways to maximize the warmth in your apartment. What's more, they don't even use much energy. The point is that they circulate the warm air downwards, but you have to first reverse the motion for winter so it pushes the air warm air down (hot air rises). Also, make sure you take the time to wipe them down and get the accumulated dust off them from the summertime (as well as all that grease from cooking). You'll find that your place is warmer, as a result.