Just because you live in a small apartment doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. In fact, we think it's better to utilize a small space well than to have a large apartment that's poorly executed and poorly appointed.What we mean is that if you just want a big place and you don't think about how your place should look, you're not utilizing the space well. If you have a one-bedroom apartment but have the right furniture, colors, storage, etc., then your place could be beautiful. The secret lies in the fact that you have to plan well and stay within your budget. Here are 7 tips and tricks to maximize your living space, even if it is on the small side.

1. Paint Your Place White

If you notice, bright colors make things look bigger than they are. If you paint a room dark, the place just looks cramped and cosseting. The important thing to remember about painting your small apartment is to keep things bright. It doesn't have to be white, but something close would be a good idea. It also happens to make things look fresh and clean (if you don't get the white walls all grubby). Also, consider getting lighter carpet or rugs, which would also help the effort toward making your place look bigger than it actually is.


2. Buy Smaller Electronics and Appliances

These days, you can find almost every appliance in smaller sizes, and if you have a small place, that's ideal. Do you really need the biggest microwave oven you can find or a massive four-slice toaster or an 8-quart Instant Pot when you live alone? Probably not. Although you might not have the choice as to what fridge or dishwasher you have in your apartment, you can choose your appliances wisely to minimize the occupied space on your kitchen counter. Also, consider reducing the number of appliances you have by buying only the things you really need.

3. Optimize Vertical Storage

Using all of your available floor area for storage is a bad idea. Think about going up instead of out when it comes to storing things. Instead of crates on the floor, buy affordable shelving and start stacking up along walls, closets, etc. and take things off the floor. This way, you can maximize living space and minimize the space occupied by things you may not need to access every single day. Towels, bedding, infrequently used cookware, books, etc. Also, you can dress up the look of your storage shelves by purchasing attractive storage bins and cubbies without having to spend a ton.

4. Buy Airy Furniture Pieces

Bulky-looking furniture in a small place will make your apartment look cramped in no time flat. You might love that vintage-style leather sofa with the huge cushions and arms, but it's going to make your living room almost uninhabitable when you combine it with matching armchairs, a giant coffee table, and big end tables. Think light and airy when it comes to furniture style. Especially if you like modern furniture, this is the way to go for decorating. Open leg sofas, platform beds, open back shelving, etc. will make all the difference when it comes to giving your small apartment the right look to maximize visual space.


5. Eliminate the Unnecessary

Do you really need half a dozen giant house plants in your tiny place? No, no you don't. It doesn't mean we're telling you to get rid of all of your plants, but consider the size of your apartment before you start buying them. A couple of medium-sized plants that are placed in attractive but minimalist pots might really change the way your place looks and feels. Remember, the general rule of decorating is, "less is more", which essentially means you should err on the side of getting smaller plants, and doing away with other unnecessary large items that have no use. Big decorative baskets, giant pieces of artwork that block wall space, and even a huge TV can make your place look even smaller than it is.