Just because your apartment isn't on the top floor in a swanky uptown apartment building doesn't mean you can't have a place that looks and feels luxurious. You don't have to have the most expensive furniture, either. It's mostly about making great decor choices and using your money wisely. As we mentioned in a previous article, you can always start out by purchasing a statement piece that's the launching point for the rest of your furnishings. In this article, we'll show you five affordable items that can change the look and feel of your apartment to make it more luxurious. Moreover, you can find them on Amazon Prime.


VASAGLE Metal and Glass Console Table: $80

You see wooden console tables everywhere, and they rarely look fancy. If you want a high-end hallway console table in your apartment's entryway, look no further than this elegant version made with metal and glass. Not only is it attractive, but the design will also keep your space looking less cumbersome than most other console tables. The tempered glass is strong, and the bi-level table can hold up to 44 pounds. It's also easy to assemble and will fit just about anywhere in your now fancy apartment unit. Buy


Microfiber Chenille Bath Mats: $28

Don't settle for thin, chintzy bath mats that make your bathroom look like a roadside motel's. These two bath mats come in a set, one for the floor in front of the sink/vanity and one for the bath/shower. They're plush, super-absorbent, non-skid, and are filled with 2000g/sm weight microfiber pile that sucks up water and dry quickly. All you need to do is throw them in the washing machine to keep them looking new and smelling fresh. They come in multiple colors to suit your bathroom decor, as well. Oh, did we mention you might not want to step off of them to face the day? Buy


Umbra Sticks Multi-Hook Coat Rack: $21-$45

Who says coat racks have to be boring? Umbra has the answer with its Sticks coat rack that can double as a piece of modern art. When it's folded flat against the wall, it looks like expensive artwork you had commissioned just for your home, but it's actually a coat rack that keeps guests wondering what it really is. It hides five hooks in its edgy design, and you can mount it on the wall, a door, or entryway to dress things up. Choose between multiple colors for the right look for you. Buy


Allewie Full Bed Frame with Curved Adjustable Headboard: $180-$200

If you want your bedroom to look like a modern Scandanavian hotel room, check out this unique and very affordable bed frame that looks like it came right out of a design house. The platform bed is curved and has an adjustable headboard. It might look like you're sleeping on an angle, but your mattress will lay flat on the wooden bars. No box spring is required, either. It comes in three colors and will totally transform your bedroom. One of the best parts is the fact that there are no corners or edges to walk into. Buy


Artistic Weavers Chester Black Area Rug: $112

A great living room rug certainly makes a statement. You can get one that's a solid color, but that pretty much never looks good. Oriental rugs have been overdone, too. What about something with a unique pattern that evokes both old world and new? This big, 8x10' rug is luxurious, easy to care for, and will get a ton of compliments. Made with 100% Polypropylene, it can manage plenty of foot traffic while remaining beautiful and easy to clean. The Moroccan-style pattern will fit almost any decor, as well. Buy