The last thing you ever want to deal with in your apartment unit is a fire, which can quickly get out of control in an enclosed space. Then there's the issue of the fire spreading to other units. Your landlord may have provided a fire extinguisher based on requirements of state law, but that may not be enough. As a cautious person, you may want to get an extinguisher that's reliable and at-the-ready. But some people are intimidated by fire extinguishers since they're not exactly intuitive. You have to know how to use them and where to point them (at the base of the fire, not into the top of the flames). Here are four of the best fire extinguishers on the market that won't break the bank.

Fire Fighting 4-In-1 Mini Suppressor

Most apartment fires actually start in the kitchen, and they can get out of hand quickly. Sometimes the quickest way to put them out requires a small extinguisher that's easy to grab and easy to store. The Fire Fighting 4-In-1 is essentially an extinguisher in a small handheld can. The 4-In-1 is portable and can be stored under the sink or even in a drawer. It's so small, you can even throw it in a large glovebox in your car. Deploy the extinguisher simply by pointing at the base of the fire and pushing the button on the top. The contents are both non-toxic and biodegradable, and there's virtually no residue.

Buy ($30) pack of 2


AFO Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball


If you want quick and easy fire extinguishing of medium to large fires, and you don't want to get close, consider the AFO Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball. If you can throw a ball, you can put out a fire with the Fire Extinguisher Ball. It uses an environmentally harmless dry powder and once it comes in contact with the fire for 2-3 seconds, it smothers the flames. Keep it stored in the mounting bracket that can be attached to a cabinet base or a wall. It's quick to respond, easy to operate and deploy, and very affordable.

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Fire Blanket

More than just an extinguisher for apartments, fire blankets can actually work directly on someone who has caught fire. These are easy to deploy and can be pulled down directly from the wall-mounted hook. The blanket, itself, is made out of fiberglass and when thrown over the fire, it smothers it by removing oxygen from the equation. Simply wrap it around someone who is on fire, and it should work almost immediately. This kit comes with three blankets, three wall-mounting hooks, and three pairs of operators gloves.

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First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

More like a traditional fire extinguisher, this version from First Alert is compact and super-easy to operate. It can also work on traditional flammable liquid fires (grease fire on the stove) to electrical fires (shorted out appliance) because it uses dry sodium bicarbonate as the extinguishing agent. Simply pull the metal pin, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, and squeeze the trigger. This compact unit can be stored under the kitchen cabinet or mounted on the wall with the included bracket.

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